Coeur d'Alene's Report Card.....


Well...I would say that we have some work to do:


In Coeur d'Alene, connectivity and the commitment to create connected bike lanes seems to have stalled.  According to the City’s Bikeway Master Plan, “Connectivity is the most needed aspect for non-motorized travel throughout Coeur d’Alene. When two bike lanes or paths end without bringing the user to either a destination or another connecting route, it is not only a safety issue, it is also an incomplete corridor.” The sad fact is, there isn't one major arterial (street) in CdA that has a continuous Class II bike lane for the commuting cyclist.  Additionally, there doesn't seem to be any current discussion to change this condition.



On a positive note, the City just elected Mayor Widmyer and refreshed its council with new energy and direction.  (We even have an Ironman Athlete on the council now!)  Could this be the change in tide? Will they see to it that we achieve this goal of connectivity for the commuting cyclist



Connectivity doesn't require (costly) new construction; just some paint and creative financing.  Many of our arterials within Coeur d’Alene and the surrounding communities already have adequate space to accommodate a 5 ft minimum, 6 ft preferred bike lane.  Put these roads/lanes on a diet and this will provide the necessary space for a protected lane for cyclists.


We'll continue to follow the progress of this issue and report back soon. 



Major Arterials in CdA desparately needing a protected bike lane

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