Pedestrian & Bicycle Laws



Ordinance for the City of Coeur d'Alene





A. Prohibited Acts: It shall be unlawful for any person:


1. To ride or operate or cause to be operated a bicycle on the sidewalk along Sherman Avenue between First Street and Sixth Street. No person shall ride or operate or cause to be operated a bicycle on a sidewalk from the south side of the sidewalk right of way on Lakeside Avenue to the north side of the sidewalk right of way on Front Avenue from First Street to Sixth Street unless to cross such sidewalk into an alleyway, a private drive, or to enter a crosswalk.


2. Bicycles shall not be parked in such a manner as to obstruct or impede the movement of pedestrians, motor vehicles, or other bicycles, or to cause damage to trees, shrubs, other plants, or other property.


3. No person shall ride or operate a skateboard, roller skates, in-line skates, human powered scooter, or other toy vehicle on the streets, highways, or sidewalks in the area set forth in subsection A1 of this section.


4. Nothing in this section shall prohibit the mayor and/or city council from allowing bicycle, skateboard, or other exhibits or demonstrations by permit or other ordinance.


5. A violation of any of the above subsections shall constitute an infraction which shall be punished only by a penalty established by state law, Idaho Code section 49-1503. (Ord. 3382 §11, 2010)


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