Missing or Stolen Bike?


There are several ways that you can drastically improve the odds of recovering your bike:


1.     If you haven't done so already, immediately report your bike stolen to the Coeur d'Alene Police Dept @ (208) 769-2320. (REMEMBER: Obtain a Coeur d'Alene Police Department report/case number and keep this with you until your bike is recovered.)


2.     E-mail us here at team@bikecda.com and we will post the make, model and serial number of your stolen bike.  Even better yet; if you also have a photograph of your bike, we will include that in this posting as well.


3.     Don't be afraid to contact all of the area pawn shops (yes, even in Spokane) in an attempt to find your own bike.  If you do find your bike in a pawn shop, immediately notify law enforcement that has jurisdiction in that area.  They will assist you in getting your bike back from the pawn shop.  (REMINDER: Law Enforcement will need your original report/case number that you obtained in the initial reporting.)




CRIME PREVENTION TIP:  Remember to take a series of photographs of your bike.  Even take a photograph of the serial number.  That way, if your bike is ever taken, you will be able to provide this crucial information to law enforcement.


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